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During normal pregnancy, childbirth and perhaps breastfeeding afterwards, a large number of changes occur in the body. For some fortunate women, changes to the breasts, abdomen and hips may return close to their pre-pregnancy state but for many, changes are permanent and may give cause for concern and lack of satisfaction with appearance.


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Frequenly asked questions about cosmetic surgery after pregnancy

What can be done to address changes to body shape after pregnancy?
How can I regain breast shape after pregnancy ?

What can be done about my tummy after pregnancy ?
What can be done about my hips and thighs after pregnancy ?
How do I arrange a consultation about surgery after pregnancy with Mr Hamilton in London, UK?

What can be done to address changes to body shape after pregnancy?

The three main areas giving rise to dissatisfaction after pregnancy are the breasts, the tummy (abdomen) and the hips:

How can I regain breast shape after pregnancy?

Swelling of the breasts during pregnancy can increase volume and stretch the ligaments supporting the breast and the overlying skin. After pregnancy or with the cessation of breastfeeding, breast volume is lost which can give the breast an empty or sagging appearance. Three main approaches are available to remedy the situation – breast uplift (mastopexy) when excess skin is the main problem, breast augmentation (implants) when lack of volume is the main problem or a combination of the two procedures where necessary. These procedures are described in detail on the relevant information pages which are accessible via the links below and can give a very satisfactory correction of the changes in the breast seen after childbirth.

Link to Breast uplift surgery (mastopexy)
Link to Breast augmentation (implants / "boob job")

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What can be done about the shape of my tummy after pregnancy?

Stretching of the abdominal skin and spreading of the central muscles of the abdomen (recti) occurs during pregnancy to some extent in all women. A significant number of these women find that they have significant skin excess and perhaps bulging of the central portion of the abdomen which does not improve, even with regular exercise. Significant striae (stretch marks) are also often present and can be emphasised in the area of lax, loose skin.

A tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) procedure allows the excess skin to be removed, leaving a low lying scar on the abdomen which can be concealed by appropriate swimwear. At the same time, the muscles of the abdomen can be tightened to give a flatter appearance to the tummy and a more pinched waist. Any stretch marks in the area of skin removed will be similarly removed, though stretch marks on the upper part of the tummy cannot be removed. Some women with only a minor degree of skin excess may be suitable for a less extensive procedure termed a “mini-abdominoplasty”. The link below will take you to a detailed description of abdominoplasty and mini-abdominoplasty.

Link to abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) surgery page

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What can be done about my hips and thighs after pregnancy?

Changes in fat deposition during pregnancy can be difficult to reverse afterwards and many women find that fat deposits on the outer thigh or the “love-handle” areas can be difficult to shift even with exercise and dieting. Lipoplasty and liposculpture, where targeted areas of fat can be carefully removed or reshaped, can often be used to good effect in this situation. This reshaping can allow the creation of a more pleasing overall body contour. Liposculpture is described in detail on the page accessed by the link below:

Link to liposuction / liposculpture page

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