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Luckily, the vast majority of moles and other skin lesions are non-cancerous (benign). Nevertheless, skin cancer is an increasingly common problem. Changes in our lifestyles and behaviour, including greater time spent abroad in sunny climes and the prevalent use of sunbeds, have increased our exposure to ultraviolet light. This results not only in aging changes in the skin but also in an increased risk of skin cancer.

Skin cancer diagnosis and treatment with London Plastic Surgeon Stephen Hamilton

Frequently asked questions regarding skin cancer treatment


Why should I choose Mr Hamilton for my skin cancer treatment?
What other sources of information on skin cancer are there?

How do I arrange a consultation about skin cancer diagnosis with Mr Hamilton in London, UK

Why should I choose Mr Hamilton for my skin cancer treatment?

As a named surgeon for the North London Skin Cancer Network, Stephen Hamilton works closely with consultant dermatologists, oncologists and pathologists with a specialist interest in the management as part of the “Multi-Disciplinary Team”. He is able to give specialist advice on the management of skin cancers, offering surgical treatment where appropriate and calling on the expertise of his colleagues in these other specialties where necessary.

Mr Hamilton has a background in skin cancer research, his MD thesis specifically looking at new ways of diagnosing and treating melanoma.

He is happy to see patients concerned about the possibility of skin lesions being cancerous can offer advice and, if required, treatment. Whilst a great deal of information is available on the internet and in other media about skin cancer and its features, when worried it is usually best to consult your GP or a specialist.

Mr Hamilton offers specialised management of skin cancers including Sentinel Node Biopsy in melanoma, a technique used to give more information on the likelihood that a melanoma skin cancer may have spread.

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What other sources of information are there on skin cancer?

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